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Founded in 2019, Samson Extracts is a pioneering force in Alabama's hemp industry. As one of the leading extractors within the nation, we offer quality CBD products to businesses throughout the nation.  Leveraging innovative technology and a commitment to large-scale production, Samson Extracts has positioned itself as a major player in the nation’s burgeoning hemp market.


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Our Vision

At Samson Extracts, we were born from a vision of harnessing the potential of Alabama’s rich agricultural heritage for the future of wellness. Founded in 2019, we’ve grown into a leading extractor in the Southeast, cultivating strong partnerships with national farmers to ensure the accessibility for our innovative CBD products.

We’re driven by a commitment to reliability, consistency, and keeping cost low. We believe in the power of our roots and resiliency to revolutionize along this landscape and deliver CBD solutions for generations to come.

Our Facility

Founded in 2019, Samson Extracts is an Alabama-owned and operated manufacturer of bulk CBD products. With its proprietary extraction system and GMP-certified operations, the company is one of the largest low-cost hemp processors in the nation, producing winterized and decarbed crude, full spectrum CBD distillate for a diverse range of products. Led by a team of highly skilled manufacturing experts, extraction operators, and laboratory and quality specialists, Samson Extracts is a trusted, national CBD wholesale partner, joining forces with best-in-class farmers and operators to transform the future of hemp farming and processing in the United States.

Our Team

At Samson Extracts, our dedicated team of experts is fueled by a passion for innovation and wellness. From cultivation to formulation, our team's expertise ensures that every product reflects our commitment to excellence.


Kyle Neathery



Connor Schilling



Erin Todd

Director of Sales and Marketing


Lee Pickron

Sales Manager


Mike Nixon

Director of Maintenance


Brandi Brubaker

Accounting and Inventory

Our Mission and Values

Our aim is to provide customer value by creating hemp products that are low cost, consistent and reliable


Be Determined

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services.


Be Lean

We operate efficiently, maximizing resources to bring you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.


Get Creative

We embrace innovation, developing cutting-edge extraction processes to deliver the highest-performing hemp products available.


Work Together

We foster a collaborative environment, valuing teamwork and open communication to achieve our shared goals.

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Featured in the Press

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Brand on Trust and Transparency: Partner with Samson Extracts, a trusted source for quality full-spectrum distillate. Our commitment to third-party lab testing and complete transparency empowers you to build your brand on trust and integrity. We provide you with the consistent quality and reliable supply chain you need to deliver exceptional CBD products to your customers.


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We are one of the largest GMP certified extractors and manufacturers of CBD products. If you are looking for bulk CBD Isolate, look no further. We can ship nationwide or support commercial pickups at our facility in Geneva, Alabama.


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Geneva, AL 36340
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